jeudi, octobre 26, 2006


Tunisia has closed its embassy in Doha, Qatar because of what is called a "hostile campaign" against Tunisia. The statement added that Tunisia is withdrwing its diplomatic mission "despite the esteem and respect in which it holds this brother country." According to the aforesaid statement, Al Jazeera "ignores truth and objectivity every time that it deals with current affairs in Tunisia ... apparently waging a hostile campaign aimed at harming Tunisia." The Tunisian Foreign Ministry emphasised that "in its deliberately malevolent attitude towards Tunisia, Al-Jazeera has gone beyond every limit and broken the moral rules on which journalistic practice is based." It added, "Such stances are also in contradiction with the principle of free expression, because they incite disorder and sedition, violating international laws and usage and the values which underpin relations between states." MORE, the foreing ministry said: "Tunisia, which respects and exercises freedom of opinion and expression and appreciates all honest information to its full value, has made these noble values its own and a fundamental part of its political policies."
I do not agree with such step. WHY not to close our Embassy in France for example? or in Washignton DC?
I believe that such decision was taken with no reasonable care!