mardi, février 14, 2006


During the school year 1995-1996, I was student of the third grade in the secondary school in Bizerta, my town. I beleive that many of you are remembering when we studied in geography about differents countries like the United States, Japan, European Union,Egypt, Brazil, in fact the curriculum was similar to that of the baccalaureate, four years later. At that time, when we were studying abouit theUSA, we didn't have any map of the USA, so our teacher was using either the worldwide map or the map of north America. So I decided to draw the map of the United States on a big drawing paper, with small maps in the marge about agriculture, economy and energy. I handed it as a gift to the administration so that teachers may use it. My teacher liked it and she decided to give me 20/20 as the oral interrogation mark in geography :)