dimanche, janvier 15, 2006


Tunisia is beautiful, we are going back to visit it again as soon as possible.
I heard that sentence thousands of times from my foreigns friends and from our guests during the World Summit on The Information Society Tunis 2005. All of them, had agreed that Tunisia is a very beautiful country and that they are determined to revisit it in the near future with families and friends. But I think that we have a lot of opportunities and projects to do into the touristic field. Dubai and Bahrain, in the near future, will lead the list as worldwide destinations. As an observer, I think that Tunisia is not well known in the Arab Gulf, in America and in Asia and Australia. We have to broadcast more and more of adverts about Tunisia and decomuntaries. I know that we do not have any natural resources like petrol and gaz like our brothers in Dubai or Bahrain, but Monaco and Malta do not have either. I believe that we have to rearrange the field again, to focus on it with deep study and to try to find new markets and new products to show. We can improve our touristic products by buildings new luxirious hotel, exploiting more the archeological sites like that of Utique, a forgotten one, however it includes three amphitheatre one of thel is bigger than that of Carthage, discovering more our sahara, discovering more the north west of Tunisia, connecting Tunisian airports with much more destinations, why not building a formula one speedway, cable cabinets in Sidi Bou Said and Ain Drahem (telefric) and organizing more international exihibitions.
I said this because I love my country.
(pic of Dubai and Tunis)