dimanche, janvier 15, 2006


His Royal Highness, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Soubah, has died at the age of 77. The third prince of Koweit since its independence in the 70's.
Sheikh Jaber, build the new Koweit, a modern country, he arranged the political running rules and he transformed Koweit into a constitutional monarchy, he gave the women the right to vote and to be elected, he allowed the freedom of the press and the freedom of thoughts and speech, he modernized the education and he was one of the founders pillar of the Arabian Gulf Council of Cooperation.
In the 80's he was attacked by unkowns to be killed , but he survived. The cause, his supports and aids to the Iraqis during their war with Iran. In August 1990, Koweit was invaded by Iraq, the brother country and the neighbor that they supported and helped during his war with Iran. Saudi Arabia, opened its door to host the Koweiti Royal Family and the Koweiti people. During that terrible period of the Arab World history, I was in Saudi Arabia. I remeber the suffer of the Koweities and the Saudies. I believe that Saddam Hussein at that time, had made the most stupid step. Untill now, we are suffering from that war.
We can not also forget the cooperation between Tunisia and Koweit.
May His Soul Rest In Peace and May God, Allah, Bless All The Muslims especially those who died in Mena; Saudi Arabia.
"We are belonging to Allah, and to Allah we are going back"