mercredi, juillet 13, 2005

Relais MaZZiKa

Merci beaucoup à ma chere Troubadour qui m'a affectée un travail de plus par ce relais. Meme remerciement à Marouen. Le retard est du au travail, ainsi qu'au deuil après les attentas de Londres.
Thank you dear Troubadour for giving me an additional work. My thanks go to Marouen, too. And I apologise for not writing till now because of my work & because of the mourning over London attacks.
3an Subzero, 3an Adib, 3an Zizou, 3an Troubadour, 3an Mraihi,
The Type of music I prefrer to listen to:
- Spanish flamenco
- Symphonies
The compositors that I like:
- Bach
- Handel
- Bartholemy
- Mozart
- Vivaldi
- Tchaikowisky
The songs I like to listen to:
- Ajmal E7sas ( Elissa)
- Lèh 7andi3 ( Dina 7aiek)
- Nassini eddonya ( Ragheb Alema)
- I will survive
- S'il suffisait qu'on s'aime ( Céline Dion)
- Dové l'amore ( Cher)
and many more but I have a very bad memory :)
The instumental that I like to listen to ( without lyrics, just music):
- My Herat will go on
My favourite singers & groups:
- Fairouz
- The Gypsies
& others ;)
Je passe le relais à, I hand over this work, which is not easy :) to:
Appetite & Apathy, Day by Day, Jihène, Nostradamus, Sansblog et/and Thysdrus.