dimanche, mars 27, 2005


I launch a call..to all those who believe in peace..wherever..whenever..to join me.
Peace in the middle east..peace in Lebanon..peace in USA..peace in Sudan..Algeria..Yemen..Afghanistan..Yougoslavia..Russia..Congo..
Israel..Palestine..Bolivia..Togo..Join me to establish peace, tolerance, brotherhood & friendship.
We, as Muslims, we are not a nation of terrorism or hate. We are a nation of trolerance, brotherhood, friendship , peace & love. We don't accept what happened in NY ( Sept.11th), in palestine/israel, iraq..in any place.
Oussama Bin Laden..Abu Mussab Ez zarqawee..& others..they don't have any links to us, the arabs, the muslims..we don't love them..we don't support them too. Join me to bring happiness & peace to the world.
Thank You.